Artistry At Arms, LLC presents “The Artistry of Ralph P Bone”, written by J. Huxley Walters,

is an illustrated and documented account of the artistry of Ralph P Bone, American custom knife and gun
maker and Master Engraver. Bone’s artistry is presented, along with the exceptional artistry of Bone’s fellow knife maker, Enedino De Leon, and several famous custom gun makers, with whom Bone chose to collaborate his engraving artistry. “The Artistry of Ralph P Bone” is a “coffee table” quality 8.5” x 11” presentation,
including 290 pages and 335 illustrations, printed on 80# satin finish silk stock, Smythe Sewn bound with headboards and with a beautiful satin finished hard cover. The book is offered, also, in an

Ebook version.

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