Gun and Knife Engraving Artistry

As a modern author, Huxley Walters uses history as a central character for his writings, bridging his love of things old and the beuty of a fine engraved piece of art. 

As a personal friend of Ralph Bone and Enedino De
Leon, the writer had an ideal opportunity to gather the firsthand,
little-known information about the subjects and their
artistry, necessary to record an accurate presentation of
the artisans’ lives and principal achievements. Of course,
without the assistance of Sam Arnett, president of Ralph
Bone Knife Company, numerous fellow custom knife
enthusiasts, custom gun makers, Ralph Bone’s fellow
Master Engraver associates and good friends, this book
would have been highly incomplete.

“The Custom Knives of the Ralph Bone Knife Company” presents the knife making artistry of Ralph Bone and Enedino De Leon, two of America’s finest custom knife makers.  Section 1 results from years of observations, intense study, consultations and personal friendships of the writer and fellow knife enthusiasts with the makers and observations of their products.


Company trademarks, model and personal stamps of the makers enable the reader, readily, to identify standard, non-standard, special order and personal knives of the makers.  Detailed descriptions and 159 illustrations of standard and unique examples of the makers’ knives are provided, along with the writer’s estimate of the company’s total production of each knife model and the makers’ entire custom knife production during their lifetimes.


Careful observation of the information presented in Section 1 will make even the most casual observer an expert on the custom knives of Ralph Bone and Enedino De Leon.